The Onyx of Thalyathri

Chronicles of The Onyx: Vol. 4

Pancho landed at the bottom of the staircase with a deafening crunch. The carver he landed on was killed and he hurt himself a bit in the fall. The rest of the party quickly ran after him, however, they lost their footing and fell down the stairs as well. Seth, however, nimbly jumped down the staircase without a problem.

As the party was running to his aid, Pancho was face to face with an evil scaly creature that had the head of a snake, but a body like a man’s. It grabbed a nearby carver, slit it’s throat and tossed it aside. It used the blood from the dead body to smear across a nearby archway, which opened a portal. It entered the portal and the portal closed behind it. Pancho had little time to worry about the beast. More carvers were quickly advancing on the party. Bevin rushed forward to distract one of them. Pancho slammed his foot into the ground blasting forth psionic energy, throwing the carver into a nearby chasm. The party rushed the remaining carver, killing it and casting it into the depths below, but not without taking its severed arm.

Pancho explained how the snake-man had covered the archways with blood. Seth took the arm and opened the portal the snake-man had gone through. The party was quite hesitant to enter, but Bevin lost his patience and went right in. Ax followed him. Pancho and Seth, did not. Pancho and Seth found another portal similar to the one Ax and Bevin had entered. They took this portal, leaving Bevin and Ax on their own.

Pancho and Seth found themselves on top of the lighthouse in a square room. The room was without walls, open to the sky and sun. After examining the town below, Pancho and Seth found Lightstop looked quite a bit different from when they last saw it. The town below was no longer in shambles or over run with fiendish, crazed, lunatics. It had returned to the town it once was, all air of doom and evil completely wiped from it. It was, however, still abandon.

Pancho and Seth explored the room around them and found in the center, was the top of the pillar which ran through the center of the lighthouse. The top of the pillar was lined with spikes, and its center was covered in strange grooves. Surrounding this strange construct was a wooden box. Within, there were a large number of scrolls, covered in senseless writing. After looking through all of them, the two adventurers managed to find a small note, that appeared to be instructions on how to solve the puzzle. It showed a sphere and an arrow pointing towards the top of the pillar.

After much experimenting, neither Pancho or Seth could divine the purpose of the pillar. They rested to heal their wounds and resumed tinkering with the pillar.

Meanwhile, Ax and Bevin exited the portal in a dark cave-like room, surrounded by water. There where two carvers prowling about, looking very menacing. Ax and Bevin tried to sneak past by jumping over some nearby rocks. They were getting fairly far, when Bevin managed to make a little bit too much noise and attract the attention of the carvers. He quickly brought a veil of mist around himself and Ax. The carvers were confused and ignored the noise. Bevin and Ax moved along further. Bevin missed one of his jumps, but Ax threw some stones towards the opposite side of the room to confuse the carvers. Apparently Ax was pretty effective. One carver ran off towards the stones yelling “BIRDS!!” The other curled up into a ball. Ax and Bevin moved deeper into the cavern.

Further on, they encountered a group of carvers with decaying flesh. Wispy fog oozed from the holes in their body. Ax brandished his weapon and boldly charged forward to meet his foes. Bevin hid behind a pillar. Ax and Bevin divided the attention of their foes, and were able to pick off the zombies one by one without much harm. Their victory was short lived, for as they progressed deeper into the cavern, they encountered more of the rolling fog that they had seen in so frequently.

Chronicles of The Onyx: Vol. 3

The party advanced deeper into the city towards the lighthouse. On their way, they found themselves in a marketplace filled with abandoned stalls, filled with skeletons. The stalls were filled with fog and among the fog, the party could see more of the incorporeal creatures which they had fought so recently.

While they whispered about their conundrum, Seth summoned himself a psicrsytal, which he imbued with ectoplasmic legs.

The party opted to sneak past the cloud creatures. Bevin, Ax and Seth all gracefully slipped past their foes, unnoticed. Pancho, however, made a huge ruckus with his clunky armor. To keep the party from being detected, Pancho moved toward the other side of the marketplace. Ax quickly dashed through the marketplace, backflipping through a stall, to join the fight with Pancho. Seth manifested some of his powers in his crystal and sent it running towards the fray.

Pancho was able to destroy many of the creatures by merely swiping them away with his sword. Ax, however, was not close enough to fight immediately. He smashed his way through one of the stalls to get closer. From there, he and Pancho destroyed the rest of the creatures with ease.
Bevin hurried over to heal Pancho’s wounds from the fight.

However, not every creature was slain. Still remaining was the largest and most powerful of all the fog creatures. However, it was still hiding in the fog. Bevin cast a spell on Ax to make him glow and get the creatures attention. Once it was drawn out, the party hacked away at the creature. Ax and Pancho all dealt blows. The psicrystal used its powers. Seth fired arrows into the fray. The creature fell.

The party looked around for anything of value. They found a scattering of gold and Ax even managed to find some gems.

The party was able to get to the lighthouse without much trouble, which was slightly unnerving. When the party arrived at the front door, they listened carefully. On the other side they could hear noises and they began to suspect that some carvers were on the other side of the door. The party tried to kick down the door and failed. The door eventually was broken through, but not without alerting the carvers inside.

Ax charged the first carver and tried to shove him over, however, the carver overpowered him and knocked him on his back. Bevin ran in and cast a spell to strengthen Ax. A carver quickly spotted Bevin and blasted him with crystals from his eyes. Bevin was knocked out by the blast. Pancho rushed over and administered a potion to Bevin, who rose to his feet and healed himself with divine magic. One carver tried to bind Ax’s legs, however, he resisted and rose to his feet. He slashed the carver down the middle and finished him off. Pancho and Seth picked off the remaining foes.

Once the carvers were killed, the party realized that there didn’t seem to be staircases or entry ways to the next room. They noticed some torches on the wall and, figuring they were switches of some sort, lit them. They were. A huge staircase opened up going into the ground. The party progressed downwards.

Beneath, the party found a huge winding staircase and on it, was a wandering carver. Pancho ran forward to shove the carver off the stairs. However, he ended up falling along with it. He and the foe dropped down god knows how many flights of stairs and hit the floor with deafening crunch.

Chronicles of The Onyx: Vol. 2

As the party approached the 6 foot carver, Elly decided to stay back from the conflict. She hid to the side and the party rushed their foe. However, they soon found that plate armor and thick skin do not yield as easily as they thought. It took several blows from Ax, Pancho and Seth to strike down their foe. Much to his shigrin, Bevin found his fighting to be completely ineffective and was struck by the carver due to his incompetence.

The party walked down an empty street, dotted with merchant carts which had long been abandon by their owners. From the shadows, another group of carvers attacked the party. They were quickly cut down. However, they quickly discovered something unusual. A nearby carver appeared to be a blademaster from Arshain’s band of men. At least he used to be. Now he was possessed by the insanity of the carvers. Bevin healed Ax and Pancho and the party quickly moved forward to kill their sole attacker.

After exploring the streets, Pancho discovered some loot among the corpses. Indeed, earlier he had taken a rune covered gauntlet for himself. When Bevin inspected it, he found that the gauntlet was imbued with magical powers. He refitted the gauntlet to fit Pancho’s large hands. However, after his modifications, they more resembeled fingerless glove. As the party moved on, they found themselves blocked by a flaming barricade. They suspected it was the work of the Surefoots.

Down a different street, they found the catfolk priest and a lone blademaster fighting off the stragglers of the huge carver assault. The caravan had made it through and the adventurers were moving forward. After the carver was slain, the priest introduced himself as Richards. The party quickly found him to be an agreeable individual.

However, their meeting was cut short by a cry for help. The party dashed into a nearby courtyard to find Arshain Lamplighting on top of an ornate stone fountain surrounded by an erie, thick fog and creatures made of its vapors. Ax bounded forward and asked Arshain what had instilled such fear in him.

“Those things… They’ve killed my men. The creatures cut them down”

Indeed, the corpses of Arshain’s band of men lay strewn about the courtyard, apparently slashed by the cloud creatures. Bevin recognized them as beings of the god Thalyathri. In the distance, the party saw a glowing lantern, hanging in the fog. The priest moved forwards towards the creatures and the party followed. He tried to push the party back, but soon found Seth, Pancho and Bevin rushing forwards to fight.

Richards was able to dissipate several of the creatures with his staff and divine magic. Seth was able to bite into one of the creatures despite not actually being able to touch them. Pancho and Bevin flailed about to no avail.

Meanwhile, Ax rushed towards the light in the fog. There he found the succubus from the Beerhammer court. She refused to fight with the party, but she told them that if they could easily wave away the cloud creatures. Ax joined the party and together, the dissipated the rest of their enemies.

In the aftermath, the succubus approached the party and informed them that the onyx lay in the lighthouse. Richards healed the party and was thanked for his services. The party turned their sights to the lighthouse and resumed their search for the onyx.

Chronicles of The Onyx: Vol. 1

A party of adventurers gathered together to answer the summons of Beowulf Beerhammer. Their names were Veraxus (Ax for short), Seth, Bevin and Pancho. They met, purchased goods for the road ahead and entered Beerhammer hall.

At the hall, they saw Bruenor Battlehammer talking with Arshain Lamplighter and he seemed very frustrated. Ax informed the party of the history of Arshain and his band of mercenaries. The party then approached Beerhammer.

Beerhammer explained his plight. He had lost the Onyx of Thalyathri, a valuable artifact, which he wants the party to recover. He told the party that they would accompany the Surefoots and Arshain’s men to Lightstop, where they were to search for the Onyx. Pancho attempted to squeeze some extra goods out of the Dwarven leader, but to no avail.

In the streets, the party was attacked by a group of carvers. There, the met Ely, an Elven rouge who joined in the fray. Pancho grabbed one of them off the ground while Bevin struck him from behind. Seth struck down a carver with his bow. Ax threw the remaining carver in an open furnace. Ely mocked their ineptitude, gleefully, then finished off the last of them. The guard of the carvers was utterly dumbstruck.

A Catfolk priest witnessed the commotion. Pancho explained to him the situation, how the carvers had suddenly struck out at the group for no reason. The priest beckoned the party to follow him to the caravan with the rest of the adventurers to set out towards Lightstop.

At the caravan, Pancho had a few words with the Surefoots, Lestre and her husband Timbre. Lester seemed amused by Pancho’s amiability, however, her husband quickly became frustrated when he found out the party was the reason the caravan wasn’t moving.

“Some imbeciles must be holding up the caravan…”
“We are those imbeciles, pleased to meet you!”

The party went to their wagon, which was notably undecorated. Pancho walked along side the wagon while the rest of the party waited inside. Ax took a fairly long nap. When the caravan arrived at Lightstop, Timbre approached the party’s wagon. He said since the party was going to die anyways, they might as well open up the gatehouse for the rest of the caravan. Bevin was frustrated by Timbre’s disrespect and beckoned the party to action. Pancho confronted Timbre and asked for a duel, hand to hand without armor. Timbre refused and walked away, giving a lewd hand gesture.

Despite Timbre’s lack of manners, the party proceeded to the gatehouse. There, they encountered more angry carvers and a raging fire. Seth dispatched one of the carvers with his bow. Ely landed a blow with her punching dagger and the rest of the carvers either burned to death or was ravaged by Pancho’s greatsword. Bevin put out the fire and was very proud of himself.

The party explored the next room. It was filled with corpses, some of them brigands, some of them carvers. Pancho and Ax tried to loot them, but they found that some of the carvers weren’t quite dead enough to have their pockets sifted through. Pancho and Ax took care of them, but not without Ax getting thoroughly stabbed in his torso. Bevin healed him.

Now that the party was safe, the party needed to open the gate. Pancho lifted it with HIS BARE HANDS. (Because he’s manly) The party found Lightstop overrun with carvers. But the party ignored those because they were faced with something slightly more pressing: a 6 foot carver covered in plate.

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