The Onyx of Thalyathri

Chronicles of The Onyx: Vol. 1

A party of adventurers gathered together to answer the summons of Beowulf Beerhammer. Their names were Veraxus (Ax for short), Seth, Bevin and Pancho. They met, purchased goods for the road ahead and entered Beerhammer hall.

At the hall, they saw Bruenor Battlehammer talking with Arshain Lamplighter and he seemed very frustrated. Ax informed the party of the history of Arshain and his band of mercenaries. The party then approached Beerhammer.

Beerhammer explained his plight. He had lost the Onyx of Thalyathri, a valuable artifact, which he wants the party to recover. He told the party that they would accompany the Surefoots and Arshain’s men to Lightstop, where they were to search for the Onyx. Pancho attempted to squeeze some extra goods out of the Dwarven leader, but to no avail.

In the streets, the party was attacked by a group of carvers. There, the met Ely, an Elven rouge who joined in the fray. Pancho grabbed one of them off the ground while Bevin struck him from behind. Seth struck down a carver with his bow. Ax threw the remaining carver in an open furnace. Ely mocked their ineptitude, gleefully, then finished off the last of them. The guard of the carvers was utterly dumbstruck.

A Catfolk priest witnessed the commotion. Pancho explained to him the situation, how the carvers had suddenly struck out at the group for no reason. The priest beckoned the party to follow him to the caravan with the rest of the adventurers to set out towards Lightstop.

At the caravan, Pancho had a few words with the Surefoots, Lestre and her husband Timbre. Lester seemed amused by Pancho’s amiability, however, her husband quickly became frustrated when he found out the party was the reason the caravan wasn’t moving.

“Some imbeciles must be holding up the caravan…”
“We are those imbeciles, pleased to meet you!”

The party went to their wagon, which was notably undecorated. Pancho walked along side the wagon while the rest of the party waited inside. Ax took a fairly long nap. When the caravan arrived at Lightstop, Timbre approached the party’s wagon. He said since the party was going to die anyways, they might as well open up the gatehouse for the rest of the caravan. Bevin was frustrated by Timbre’s disrespect and beckoned the party to action. Pancho confronted Timbre and asked for a duel, hand to hand without armor. Timbre refused and walked away, giving a lewd hand gesture.

Despite Timbre’s lack of manners, the party proceeded to the gatehouse. There, they encountered more angry carvers and a raging fire. Seth dispatched one of the carvers with his bow. Ely landed a blow with her punching dagger and the rest of the carvers either burned to death or was ravaged by Pancho’s greatsword. Bevin put out the fire and was very proud of himself.

The party explored the next room. It was filled with corpses, some of them brigands, some of them carvers. Pancho and Ax tried to loot them, but they found that some of the carvers weren’t quite dead enough to have their pockets sifted through. Pancho and Ax took care of them, but not without Ax getting thoroughly stabbed in his torso. Bevin healed him.

Now that the party was safe, the party needed to open the gate. Pancho lifted it with HIS BARE HANDS. (Because he’s manly) The party found Lightstop overrun with carvers. But the party ignored those because they were faced with something slightly more pressing: a 6 foot carver covered in plate.



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