The Onyx of Thalyathri

Chronicles of The Onyx: Vol. 3

The party advanced deeper into the city towards the lighthouse. On their way, they found themselves in a marketplace filled with abandoned stalls, filled with skeletons. The stalls were filled with fog and among the fog, the party could see more of the incorporeal creatures which they had fought so recently.

While they whispered about their conundrum, Seth summoned himself a psicrsytal, which he imbued with ectoplasmic legs.

The party opted to sneak past the cloud creatures. Bevin, Ax and Seth all gracefully slipped past their foes, unnoticed. Pancho, however, made a huge ruckus with his clunky armor. To keep the party from being detected, Pancho moved toward the other side of the marketplace. Ax quickly dashed through the marketplace, backflipping through a stall, to join the fight with Pancho. Seth manifested some of his powers in his crystal and sent it running towards the fray.

Pancho was able to destroy many of the creatures by merely swiping them away with his sword. Ax, however, was not close enough to fight immediately. He smashed his way through one of the stalls to get closer. From there, he and Pancho destroyed the rest of the creatures with ease.
Bevin hurried over to heal Pancho’s wounds from the fight.

However, not every creature was slain. Still remaining was the largest and most powerful of all the fog creatures. However, it was still hiding in the fog. Bevin cast a spell on Ax to make him glow and get the creatures attention. Once it was drawn out, the party hacked away at the creature. Ax and Pancho all dealt blows. The psicrystal used its powers. Seth fired arrows into the fray. The creature fell.

The party looked around for anything of value. They found a scattering of gold and Ax even managed to find some gems.

The party was able to get to the lighthouse without much trouble, which was slightly unnerving. When the party arrived at the front door, they listened carefully. On the other side they could hear noises and they began to suspect that some carvers were on the other side of the door. The party tried to kick down the door and failed. The door eventually was broken through, but not without alerting the carvers inside.

Ax charged the first carver and tried to shove him over, however, the carver overpowered him and knocked him on his back. Bevin ran in and cast a spell to strengthen Ax. A carver quickly spotted Bevin and blasted him with crystals from his eyes. Bevin was knocked out by the blast. Pancho rushed over and administered a potion to Bevin, who rose to his feet and healed himself with divine magic. One carver tried to bind Ax’s legs, however, he resisted and rose to his feet. He slashed the carver down the middle and finished him off. Pancho and Seth picked off the remaining foes.

Once the carvers were killed, the party realized that there didn’t seem to be staircases or entry ways to the next room. They noticed some torches on the wall and, figuring they were switches of some sort, lit them. They were. A huge staircase opened up going into the ground. The party progressed downwards.

Beneath, the party found a huge winding staircase and on it, was a wandering carver. Pancho ran forward to shove the carver off the stairs. However, he ended up falling along with it. He and the foe dropped down god knows how many flights of stairs and hit the floor with deafening crunch.



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