The Onyx of Thalyathri

Chronicles of The Onyx: Vol. 4

Pancho landed at the bottom of the staircase with a deafening crunch. The carver he landed on was killed and he hurt himself a bit in the fall. The rest of the party quickly ran after him, however, they lost their footing and fell down the stairs as well. Seth, however, nimbly jumped down the staircase without a problem.

As the party was running to his aid, Pancho was face to face with an evil scaly creature that had the head of a snake, but a body like a man’s. It grabbed a nearby carver, slit it’s throat and tossed it aside. It used the blood from the dead body to smear across a nearby archway, which opened a portal. It entered the portal and the portal closed behind it. Pancho had little time to worry about the beast. More carvers were quickly advancing on the party. Bevin rushed forward to distract one of them. Pancho slammed his foot into the ground blasting forth psionic energy, throwing the carver into a nearby chasm. The party rushed the remaining carver, killing it and casting it into the depths below, but not without taking its severed arm.

Pancho explained how the snake-man had covered the archways with blood. Seth took the arm and opened the portal the snake-man had gone through. The party was quite hesitant to enter, but Bevin lost his patience and went right in. Ax followed him. Pancho and Seth, did not. Pancho and Seth found another portal similar to the one Ax and Bevin had entered. They took this portal, leaving Bevin and Ax on their own.

Pancho and Seth found themselves on top of the lighthouse in a square room. The room was without walls, open to the sky and sun. After examining the town below, Pancho and Seth found Lightstop looked quite a bit different from when they last saw it. The town below was no longer in shambles or over run with fiendish, crazed, lunatics. It had returned to the town it once was, all air of doom and evil completely wiped from it. It was, however, still abandon.

Pancho and Seth explored the room around them and found in the center, was the top of the pillar which ran through the center of the lighthouse. The top of the pillar was lined with spikes, and its center was covered in strange grooves. Surrounding this strange construct was a wooden box. Within, there were a large number of scrolls, covered in senseless writing. After looking through all of them, the two adventurers managed to find a small note, that appeared to be instructions on how to solve the puzzle. It showed a sphere and an arrow pointing towards the top of the pillar.

After much experimenting, neither Pancho or Seth could divine the purpose of the pillar. They rested to heal their wounds and resumed tinkering with the pillar.

Meanwhile, Ax and Bevin exited the portal in a dark cave-like room, surrounded by water. There where two carvers prowling about, looking very menacing. Ax and Bevin tried to sneak past by jumping over some nearby rocks. They were getting fairly far, when Bevin managed to make a little bit too much noise and attract the attention of the carvers. He quickly brought a veil of mist around himself and Ax. The carvers were confused and ignored the noise. Bevin and Ax moved along further. Bevin missed one of his jumps, but Ax threw some stones towards the opposite side of the room to confuse the carvers. Apparently Ax was pretty effective. One carver ran off towards the stones yelling “BIRDS!!” The other curled up into a ball. Ax and Bevin moved deeper into the cavern.

Further on, they encountered a group of carvers with decaying flesh. Wispy fog oozed from the holes in their body. Ax brandished his weapon and boldly charged forward to meet his foes. Bevin hid behind a pillar. Ax and Bevin divided the attention of their foes, and were able to pick off the zombies one by one without much harm. Their victory was short lived, for as they progressed deeper into the cavern, they encountered more of the rolling fog that they had seen in so frequently.



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