Bevin Xudra

A headstrong Drow who is a lot more intellegent than he seems


Bevin stands 5’2" and has a wiry build. He is slender, with fine features and wears a perpetual grin. His hair is long and white, with a tinge of silver. He wears the crest of Alathander that is customary for clerics of his order. He wears black silken robes, highlighted with yellow. They are filled with tears and scrapes, which he sews back together every morning right before prayer. Underneath he wears his scale armor, which was bought for him by his sister. He slings over his shoulder a dark red warhammer.


Bevin used to live in Noxdell, a thriving city beneath the Known World. He spent many years there learning in the temple of Alathander and became very knowledgeable, although he was not very devoted to his assigned studies. Rather, he spent much of his time doing his own research, looking up all the topics he was interested in and learning at his own pace. He explored much of the lands surrounding Noxdell in his free time and became a compulsive thrill seeker. He would disappear for days on end, only to return covered in dirt and grime, sputtering about his adventures.

He trained with a short sword, as was customary. However he was notoriously bad at it and barely passed his final exam. On his final day as a pupil, he nailed his short sword to the door of his instructor along with a message reading: “Usstan orn’la y’sik inbal natha namba” meaning “I’d rather have a hammer.” He then trained with a warhammer, in the style of Phindar Streeaka, becoming quite an oddity in the eyes of his fellow country men.

When he became of age, he left the temple and ventured into the lands above, promising to bring honor to the name of the Drow. His departure was considered brave and helped compensate for his eccentric nature. It is possible, but not certain, that he did this in order to help his sister keep her social standing.

He enjoys meeting new people, but has a very deep seated respect for others, even if they are not Drow. This probably comes from the fact that his sister was of importance in his society, and he learned deference at a very young age. Because of his obsession with adventure and exhilaration, he enjoys taking risks. He seeks challenges whenever possible, although there are limits to how much danger he is willing to take on. He lives for adventure. He just doesn’t die for it.

Bevin Xudra

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